Lesson Plans Monday, May 6, 2019

Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Padholder holds against chest. Instructor cues “PUNCH” or “HAMMER.” Striker sends strike burst, changing to appropriate strike as cued. On “SWITCH” striker takes pad and partner begins burst.

Hammerfist – Side
Knees w/ Clinch
Grps 3, Striker, Padholder A, B. Striker grabs Pad A in clinch sending all out knees. Pad B cues to either side for Hammer, into Clinch/Knees. Striker continues to rotate between pads when cued.

Headlock – Rear
Grps 3. Same as above, but additional pad holder can choose to cue for Side HF/Knees or Rear Headlock. If headlock, defender should return to other pad for Knees.

Takedown Defense – Basic, Spinning on Centerline
DRILL: Roaming Attacker
Defenders position around room, neutral, eyes closed. Attackers roam, give verbal cue and attempt takedown. Defenders open, react and reset.

360 w/ Counter
DRILL: Multiple Attacker
Grps 3, Defender, Attacker A, B. Defender eyes closed, fighting stance. Attackers decide who is attacking, then tell Defender to open eyes. Attacker sends 360. Defender defends/counters then clinches and stacks in front of second Attacker who is trying to tag Defender’s shoulder.

Headlock – Reverse (Guillotine)

Grps 3. A, B, C Similar as above, Partner A standing, neutral in front of Partners B and C. Partner B sends 360, (A) defends/counters/finishes with knees eventually applying Headlock – Reverse to (B). (B) defends. After defense, (C) will attack (B) with a 360 restarting the sequence. (A) is awaiting to attack (C) with 360.
This sequence should flow the entire time and is easier to do than to read.

Grps 2, A, B.
Rnd1: On “RUN” everyone runs randomly around room. On “DOWN” everyone performs a fall break in place, then gets up and resumes running.
Rnd2: “RUN”=run. On “A” or “B” cued partner finds their partner and performs Sweep – Heel Kick.

Gun – Behind, Touching
Gun – Behind, Hostage
Gun – Behind, Ground, Mounted

Grps 2, A, B. Instructor designates which group is attacking/defending. Defenders spread out around the room, neutral, eyes closed. Attackers roam, applying any of the 3 gun attacks. Note for Mounted, attacker should first sweep defender who will then roll onto stomach.

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