Lesson Plans Monday, May 15th, 2017

Beginner (B2)
Fall breaks and rolls
Palm heel strike
Basic takedown defense (changing height, moving feet)
Ground – back position
Ground – Getting up
Drill: one partner with focus mitts holds for palm heel and elbow combinations. They can shoot for a takedown whenever they choose, and the striker will defend the takedown. At any time the instructor can call “down,” and everyone drops to a ground fight stance, gets back up, and continues the drill.

Intermediate (B2)
Basic takedown defense/spinning on center line
Thai pad combinations: 1- 360 vs. R haymaker, R knee, L hook, R cross (repeat with simultaneous counter on 360 and spin padholder before R knee) 2- R cross, R elbow #1, R knee (from clinch), L elbow #1 (repeat with spin after R knee)
360 with counter
Reverse headlock standing
Drill: attacker starts with L or R haymaker, striker defends and counters with punch past attacker’s head and single knee to belly. Attacker occasionally attempts a takedown after the knee, and sprawls. The defender may also attempt the headlock after the sprawl. The attacker then works out of the headlock. Add each component of the flow drill in stages.

Advanced (B2)
Cavaliers 1-4
Cavaliers 1-4 with attacker pushing against chest
Advanced gun – from the front, assailant pushing
Drill – each student works a heavy bag or focus mitts with a partner. A roaming attacker comes up from behind, and can attack either with the gun and a push, the gun without a push, a push alone, or they can approach in a non-threatening way. Role-play a little with things like “can you help me?!” etc.

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