Lesson Plans Monday, March 13th, 2017

Beginner (A3)
Fighting stance
Movement – fighting stance moving forward, left, right, back
Partner A/B drill – one leader, one follower. Leader steps forward, back, left, or right; and the follower must keep within punching range. Instructor calls switch
Punches – left/right combination
Front kick (groin)
Partner A/B drill with tombstone – add punches, kicks, and sprawl
360 Defense
Partner A/B drill, add roving attacker(s). Same as above, but roving attackers will attack with multiple 360 attacks to any striker in the room. After the defense, that striker becomes a new roving attacker.

Intermediate (A3)
Warm up – touching shoulders/knees. Clinch fighting/pummeling.
Bearhug – front, arms caught
Bearhug – front, arms free (with space and without space)
Drill – partner pairs, 1 tombstone per pair; with roving attackers. Defender stands with eyes closed while pad holder stages in a random location around the room. Roving attacker may attack anyone with eyes closed using a front bear hug (heavy resistance. After defender breaks free they find their pad holder and strike until pad holder calls “time.” The pad holder then becomes a new roving attacker and the defender becomes the pad holder for the person that just attacked them.

Advanced (A3)
Warm up – crawls, falls, and rolls.
Review 360s – add in knives, grappling, and multiple attackers
One arm shoulder throw
Machine gun takedown
Drill – use an obstacle course if possible, including low light, blind corners, and/or multiple rooms. Defender must clear obstacle course with multiple attackers. If the attack is a wide right overhand punch or stab, counter with shoulder throw. Counter gun threats with machine gun takedown. Make sure to have plenty of room for falls.

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