Lesson Plans Monday, June 9, 2014


Straight Punches
Round Kick
Combo: Left/Right Round Kick/Right Knee
Choke from Behind with a Push
Ground – Getting Up
Drill: non-stop punches on pad; sit down on command; get up properly; sometimes an assailant makes a choke from behind with a push; return to punching a pad

Basic Takedown Defense/spin on centerline
Side Kick – include transitions to additional combatives
Drill: groups of three; defender uses spinning on the centerline to control one attacker; when a second attacker approaches, give a side kick, turn and control him; the drill continues
Bearhug from Behind, arms free
Bearhug from Behind, leverage on finger

Front Kick Vertical Target (review)
Side Kick (review)
Plucking/Rowing Defense v. Front Kick or Side Kick
Sparring: include front kicks and side kick in attacks
Long Gun Live Side

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