Lesson Plans Monday, June 8, 2014

Beginner Class (B3)
Straight Punches
Drill: Flurries of punches on command
Front Kick (quick review)
Round Kick
Drill: Horse Shoe Drill
Choke from Behind with a push
Choke from the Side
Drill: eyes closed; any choke, or hold pad for front kick, round kick, or straight punches
Intermediate Class (B3)
Review basic combatives (Straight punches/front kicks/round kicks)
Drill: 2 Rounds
30 Seconds left/right punch
10 Seconds rest
30 Seconds front kicks
10 Seconds rest
30 Seconds Knees
10 Seconds rest
30 Seconds round kicks
10 seconds rest
Bearhug From Behind, Finger Leverage
Drill: Monkey in the Middle with Push ups- the defender begins by striking one pad; when he is hit by a different pad holder, he turns with hammer fist to the side, and continues with combatives. One attacker with no pad can make Bearhug From Behind (the defender should make finger leverage). At any time, the Instructor yell “DOWN!” and the defender does push up while being struck LIGHTLY with the pads, then gets up and continues.
Advanced Class (B3)
Belt Drill- 3 rounds each! 30 seconds- 45 seconds- 30 seconds
Gun from Behind at a Distance
Defense v. Bayonet Stab, live and dead side
Drill: Eyes closed; Gun from Behind at a distance, or Bayonet stab, live and dead side

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