Lesson Plans Monday, June 27, 2016


Palm Strike

Hammerfist to the Side

Drill: eyes closed; attacker pushes from the side or behind; defender gives hammer fist, then turns to give palm strikes

Choke from Behind (1 hand)


Hammerfist to the Side (review)

Elbow #2 review

Side Kick

Drill: eyes closed, attacker pushes from either side at different distances; defender makes the appropriate strike based on the distance

Hair Grab from the Front

Hair Grab from the Side

Drill: as above, but include hair grabs


Striking Combo: Left Front Kick Vertical Target/Right/Left Hook/Right Round Kick

Single Leg Takedown

Side Control

Shrimp from Side Control to Guard

Arm Bar from Guard

Flow Drill: single leg takedown, side control; bottom person pulls guard and makes arm bar

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