Lesson Plans Monday, June 23, 2014

Front Kick
Round Kick
Knees – straight
Knee – round
Combo: Right Front Kick/Right Straight Knee/Right Round Knee
Combo: Left Front Kick/Left Straight Knee/Left Round Knee
Choke from Behind with a Push – both directions

Focus Mitts: Combo #6
Focus Mitts: Combo #7
Reaction Drill – eyes closed, partner hits head (lightly, safely) with focus mitt; defender bursts forward with Combo #6
Choke Front Against Wall
Choke Behind Against Wall
Drill: groups of 3; defender stands close to wall (back to the wall) with eyes closed; attacker makes the choke; defender defends; the attacker then stands agains the wall while the previous defender runs across the room to a pad holder and makes 5 round kicks with each leg; defender then takes the pad, and the previous pad holder runs down and makes the choke

Thai Pad Combo #3 – focus on low round kick
Thai Pad Combo #4 – focus on low round kick both to inside of forward leg and outside of rear leg
Absorption Drill — legs
Absorption Drill — body
Gun Front – 2 handed technique

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