Lesson Plans Monday, June 20, 2016


Knees (include regular hold AND Muay Thai clinch)

Elbows 4-7

Drill: eyes closed; attacker holds pad at any angle (very close) and touches defender; defender gives the appropriate elbow then turns and continues with knees

Choke from the Side



Back Fall Break

Bearhug Behind, Arms Free

Bearhug Behind, Arms Free (Finger Leverage)

Drill: groups of 3; one person strikes pad non-stop; attacker from behind makes bearhug and the defender must one a bearhug defense OR the attacker from behind yells “Down!” and the defender must make a fall break, kick the pad, and then get up.


Focus Mitts: Combo #3/pad holder simulates clinch/Right Elbow/step and pivot right/Right Straight Punch

Sweep with Heel Kick

Hip Throw

Clinch Drill: one person works the technique, other person is the attacker; starting with 50/50 position (each person with one over hook and one under hook), the defender works for position to make either a sweep or a hip throw


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