Lesson Plans Monday, June 15, 2015


Straight Punches (review)

Straight Punch with Advance

Inside Defense

Inside Defense v. Low Straight Punch

Drill: Defend High or Low Left Punch

Drill: Defend High or Low Right Punch

Drill: defend either



Focus Mitts: 3 rounds of 2 minutes

Inside Defense (review)

Hair Grab from the Front

Bearhug from Behind, Leverage on Finger

Drill: eyes closed – bearhug, hair grab, or push followed by straight punch (make inside defense)



Thai Pads 3 rounds of 2 minutes

Simple Takedown

Ground – Guard Reversal

Ground – Arm Bar from Guard (review)

Drill: burst through barricades, at end, attacker makes Simple Takedown; defender allows takedown, but then either makes Guard Reversal or Arm Bar, then gets up and punches a pad until pad holder calls time.

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