Lesson Plans Monday, July 9, 2018


Basic Takedown (Clinch/Framing Position) – have attacker try to move forward and/or change levels; defender should move feet and maintain distance and control


Drill: work the position as above; give a knee to partner any time you feel balanced and stable enough to deliver a knee safely.

Choke from the Side

Drill: attacker makes Choke from the Side; sometimes, after the initial counterattacks, the attacker continues to press forward; defender should use the framing position to maintain control and continue with counters when stable enough.



Thai Pads: Combos 3 & 4, using round kicks and knees to finish

Bearhug from the Front, Arms Caught — emphasize stabilization and balance after the initial reaction and before giving knees. The attacker should sometimes continue driving forward, forcing the defender to maintain balance and assess before delivering knees.

Headlock from the Side, Leaning Backward

Drill: attacker makes bearhug; defender makes the defense; sometimes the attacker says “down” and defender must drop down; attacker makes Headlock from the Side, Leaning Backward; defender defends and gets up.



Focus Mitts: Right/Left Hook/slip right straight punch, then step and pivot to the left/Right/Left Low Kick

Focus Mitts: Left Hook/Right/slip left straight punch, then step and pivot to the right/Left Hook/Right Low Kick

Review Clinch/Framing position (inside forearm against attacker’s neck, etc.). If the attacker tries to go low, transition inside arm so that the hand is grabbing the neck and pushing down and away. From here, give knees, or drive the attacker’s head to the ground, or disengage.

One Arm Shoulder Throw

Drill: 360 with Counter, move into clinch (framing) position; if attacker continues to drive forward, execute One Arm Shoulder throw; if attacker tries to go low, transition to hand position and finish.


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