Lesson Plans Monday, July 8, 2013

Beginner (A1)
Fighting Stance
Palm Heel Strike
Front Kick Groin
Combo: Front Kick Groin/Right/Left/Right Palm Heel Strikes
360 Defense
Choke from the Front (2 Handed)
Ground- Front Kick
Ground- Getting up
Drill: Groups of 3
Defender; start on the ground, Front kick from the ground, get up and continue with counter attacks on the pad.
Attacker; make a choke from the Front or give a verbal signal, make a 360 Defense.
Defender; Defend and continues with counter until attacker calls “Time”. Reset!

Intermediate (C1)
Hook Punch
Combo: #6 & #7
Front Kick with Advance (fighting and neutral)
Headbutt Forward
Combo: Front Kick with Advance, L & R punches followed by Headbutt Forward
Defense v. Low Round Kick (Absorbing)
Headlock from the Side
Ground- Fallbreak High, Back
Drill: 2 ppl/ 1 Kicking Shield
Defender; Eyes closed.
Attacker; Make a HeadLock or Safely Shove Defender from front.
Defender; Fast and aggressive defense against headlock. When bumped, Back Fallbreak, Kick, get up fast and continue with counter attacks until Attacker calls “Time”. Reset!

Advanced (C1)
Muay Thai Pads: 3- 3 Min Rounds- 2 Min Rest, 200 Meter Run During Rest
Round 1- Combinations and Kicks- Non stop punches during the last 30 sec
Round 2- Opposite stance- Combinations, Kicks, add sprawls, Last 30 Sec- Thai Clinch- Non stop knees.
Round 3- Combinations, Kicks, Sprawls (switch fighting stance after every sprawl), add elbows and knees, Last 30 Sec- Non stop round kicks
Spinning Heel Kick
Focus Mitts- Combo: Spinning Heel Kick followed by Superman Punch
One Arm Shoulder Throw
Gun from the Front
Advanced Gun- from the Front, assailant pushing
Advanced Gun- from the Front, assailant pushing, slapping, kicking
Drill: Defender; Eyes closed
Attacker; Any Level 1 & 2 technique, Gun from the Front, Gun from the Front assailant pushing and Gun from the Front assailant pushing, slapping, kicking

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