Lesson Plans Monday, July 30, 2018


Palm Strikes – Left/Right Combination

Front Kick Vertical Target

Round Kick

Combination: left Front Kick/right Round Kick

Combination: right Front Kick/left Round Kick

Drill: move around, pad holder calls out for either palm strike combination or either kick combination. Be sure to make them exhausted!

Wrist Releases – include discussion of rationale for soft techniques



Focus Mitts: right hook from deescalation position (modified fight stance)

Drill: make right hook, then follow with two or three combinations called out by partner

Ground – Escape Side Control

Ground – Kick Off from Guard

Forward Roll, Back Fall Break

Drill: make forward roll, back fall break; partner follows and jumps into side control; defender escapes side control to guard, then does Kick Off from Guard



50/50 Clinch practice – drill to get double under hooks or Thai clinch

One Arm Shoulder Throw

Drill: 50/50 clinch, transition to One-Arm Shoulder Throw (create space, when attacker closes space, shift to throw)

Knife Upward Stab

Drill: 50/50 clinch, attacker disengages right arm and draws knife for upward stab

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