Lesson Plans Monday, July 29, 2019


Palm Strikes

Elbow #3


Step and Pivot to Right

Combo: Right Elbow/Right Knee/step and pivot to the right

Drill: pad holder presses forward with pad; defender instinctively keeps pad holder away with arms (this is instinctive, not a technique), then transitions to Right Elbow/Right Knee, then moves to the right

Choke from Behind



Thai Pads: Combinations 1-4 with round kick

Defense v. Front Kick to the Groin (redirect)

Sparring Drill: one attack/one defend v. straight punches, 360 attacks, and groin kicks

Headlock from the Side



Thai Pads: Right/Left Round Kick/Right/Left Hook

Advancing Front Kick (review)

Gun from the Front (2 handed technique)

Gun from a Kneeling Position

Drill: attacker pushes defender back and says to kneel down; defender must decide if he can make the defense now, or if he must comply and wait to defend from a kneeling position

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