Lesson Plans Monday, July 10th, 2017

Beginner (A1)
Palm heel strikes
Ground – back position
Ground – getting up
Ground – front kick
Ground – round
Drill – P1 starts on their back in ground fighting position, eyes closes. P2 holds a kick shield either for a front kick or a round kick. P1 kicks (and spins towards the target if necessary), gets space, gets up, and delivers palm heel strikes on the pad until the padholder calls “time.” Repeat.

Intermediate (C1)
Hook punch
Uppercut punch
Headbutt forward
Focus mitt combinations: use combinations 1-10, but with the “headbutt” variable, where the striker adds a headbutt to the end of the combination
Bearhug front arms caught
Bearhug front arms free
Bearhug front arms free (neck leverage)
Drill: attacker chooses type of bearhug, but attacker is also holding a pair of focus mitts. While the defender works through their defense the attacker holds the focus mitts in various positions representing targets. The defender recognizes these targets and strikes accordingly (no verbal cues)

Advanced (C1)
Review spinning on center line/clinch work
Range rover drill: Emphasize slow, controlled work and direct contact to specific targets. Both partners take turns calling out “hands,” “legs,” “grappling,” or “dirty fighting,” commands for their partner to follow. One partner throws, the other partner reacts realistically. “Hands” is any upper body strike (hammerfists, punches, elbows, etc.); “legs” is any kick, knee, or stomp…
Knife – defense vs downward stab
Knife – defense vs upwards stab
Knife – defense vs straight stab
Drill: defender starts in a corner (on a padded wall, if possible), and a knife-wielding attacker tries to keep them in the corner while stabbing as much as possible. Extra “helpers” can help keep the defender in the corner with kick shields if necessary.

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