Lesson Plans Monday, January 30th, 2017

Beginner (A1)
Shadow boxing – no punches or kicks (focus on footwork/head movement)
Ground – getting up
Ground – back position and movement
Drill: partner A on back, ground fighting position. Partner B stands across room. Instructor yells “GO” and partner B runs across room to tag partner A. Partner A must stand correctly into fight stance before partner B reaches them. Instructor decreases distance B will run as the drill goes on.
Ground – front and round kicks
Ground – toe pick takedown (optional)
Drill: Partner A on back, ground fighting position with eyes closed; partners B and C standing around A with kick shields. B or C hold for front kick or round kick, and yell “GO”. A kicks with front kick or round kick (spin so feet face the attacker if round kick), stands into fight stance, and delivers palm heel strikes on pad until “TIME” is called. B or C may also simulate kicks to the head or shoulders from standing position – A does toe pick, stands, and delivers palm heels to other attacker. Two or more attackers are preferable so it is more difficult for the defender to listen for attacker’s footsteps.

Intermediate (A1)
Warm up: crawl circuit. Include crab walk, bear crawl, spider walk, tiger walk, silly walk, and anything else to help students get “acquainted” with the ground and open the hips. Get creative
Ground – rolls and fall breaks
Focus mitt combinations from mount and guard (striker on bottom). Include hooks, uppercuts, straights, and elbows
Ground – headlock from the side
Drill:¬†Partner A holds B in tight, aggressive¬†headlock on the ground and delivers light, open fisted strikes. B escapes, runs across room to C who holds for strikes (C chooses round kicks, front kicks, knees, elbows, etc.) until C calls “TIME.” B now holds the pad and C attacks A. Rinse and repeat.

Advanced (A1)
Focus mitts (3×2 min): round 1 – straight punches with advance; round 2 – slips with straight counter; round 3 – inside defense/counter vs. jab, slip and counter vs. cross
Gun from the front
Drill: Attacker A holds gun within arm’s reach of defender B. B starts with hands in different positions and makes for redirect and control. A pulls gun back quickly and B fights to establish control of gun. B has 5 attempts to get the gun. If B is successful within 5 attempts, A does 10 burpees. If B is not successful, B does the burpees.
Drill: gun from the front, but attacker is throwing light punches and slaps.

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