Lesson Plans Monday, January 27, 2014

Straight Punches
Knees – practice with a switch
Combo: Left/Right/Right Elbow/Left Knee
Combo: Left/Right/Left Elbow/Right Knee
Headlock from Behind

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Left Elbow/pivot left/Right Cross
Focus Mitts: Left/Right/step back/burst in with Left/Right/Left Elbow/pivot left/Right Cross
Ground – Headlock from the Side Going Forward — add a variation: if the attacker loosens his hold as you push him forward, slide your head out immediately.
Ground – Choke fro the Side
Drill: eyes closed, lying on ground; attacker makes Headlock from the Side OR Choke from the Side

Thai Pads: Combo #1/Right Cross/Left Elbow #1/Right Knee
Ground – Back Position, Kicks from the Ground, Get Up (review techniques from Level 1)
Knife Downward Stab – variations; practice from a seated position, trying to stand up as you are attacked; ALSO, start lying on the ground, get up quickly and defend
Drill: use kicks to keep knife attacker at distance; get up quickly and defend; this drill should be done with some aggressiveness so that the defender DOES get stabbed as they rise, but they must continue to fight.

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