Lesson Plans Monday, January 14, 2018


Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Right Combination

Movement (forward and backward)

Advancing Straight Punch

Drill: Left/Right/move backward to avoid jab/Right

360 Defense

Drill: as above, but between combinations, attacker makes single 360 attacks



Uppercut Punch

Focus Mitts: Combinations 8 & 9

Bearhug from the Front, Arms Free

Bearhug from the Front – Neck Leverage

Drill: Combinations 8 or 9 OR pad holder makes Bearhug Front, Arms Free



Sparring Drill: Stay In the Pocket — one person stays in fighting stance, partner makes any single punch or kick; defender defends; do the same drill with any two attacks; do the same drill with any two attacks and defender makes a counterattack

Knife Threat – Live Side

Knife Threat – Dead Side

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