Lesson Plans Monday, January 14, 2013


Straight Punches

Left/Right Combo – more advanced students, work right/left combo from opposite stance


Drill: Left/Right combo; sprawl on instructor command; 2 rounds of 1 minute, alternating; more advanced students, switch stance after each sprawl.

Elbow #3

Hammerfist to the Side — emphasize a hammerfist that is more to the back

Drill: eyes closed; attacker holds a pad; attacker touches defender from behind at various distances; defender opens his eyes and must recognize the distance and give either an elbow or a hammerfist.

Choke from Behind



Combo #8 (right uppercut/left hook/right cross); then add right elbow

Bearhug Front Arms Free – neck leverage

Bearhug Variation — one arm free; try both neck leverage with one arm AND/OR groin strikes with the trapped hand

Drill: eyes closed, any bearhug variation from the front



Overhand Right

Combo: left uppercut/overhand right

Combo: right uppercut/overhand right

Gun Behind, Touching, Attacker very close (hugging technique) — more advanced students try it against a left handed gunman!



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