Lesson Plans Monday, January 12, 2015


Straight Punsh (review)

Elbows 1-3 (review)

Combo: Left/Right/Left Elbow (almost like a hook punch)

Knees (review)

360 Defense — include basic counterattacks such as knees (you can do 36 with Counter from Level 2 if you want to)

Choke from the Front (2 hand)

Drill: non-compliant attacker — attacker makes Choke from the Front; defender makes the defense; attacker attacks again with 360; defender must defend the 360 and finish with knees, etc.



Uppercut Punch

Focus Mitt Combo: Right/Left Uppercut/Right Hook

Focus Mitt Combo: Left/Right body shot/Right Uppercut

Ground – Hip Escape from Side Control (there will be a video available on this by 3pm Pacific time, if you don’t already know it)

Ground – Kick off from Guard

Drill: groups of 3; defender starts on his back; first attacker makes Side Control; defender defenders and pulls guard, then does Kick Off From Guard; defender stands up and works focus mitts until the pad holder says “Down!”; drill restarts



Thai Pads: Combo #6, finish with Left Elbow, sprawl

Thai Pads: Combo #6, finish with Left Knee, sprawl

Headlock from the Side, review

Headlock from the Side, Spinning Inward – work both sides

Ground – Side Control

Ground – Hip Escape from Side Control

Drill: partner 1 makes headlock from the side; partner 2 defends by spinning inward and gets to Side Control; partner 1 escapes from Side Control


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