Lesson Plans Monday, February 18, 2013

Round Kick – practice angles chopping down to the leg and up to the ribs
Combo: Right Round Kick/Right Cross (to emphasize recoil of the kick
Knees – emphasize forward knee with a switch of the feet
Choke from Behind with a Push – practice turning both directions

Hook Punch
Uppercut Punch
Combo: Right Uppercut/Left Hook
Defensive Front Kick
Drill: practice Defensive Front Kick with the defender starting on their knees or on their stomachs; they must get up in time to make the kick against an advancing attacker with a pad
Bearhug Behind, Arms Caught
Bearhug – remove arms

Thai Pads 3 rounds of 2 minutes
Gun Front Regular Defense
Gun Front 2-Handed technique
Gun Front while attacker is pushing, slapping, grabbing the defender

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