Lesson Plans Monday, August 8, 2016


Straight Punch with Advance

Inside Defenses

Headlock from Behind

Drill: one attack, one defend with Inside Defenses; at any time, random attackers walk around the room and attack the punchers with Headlock from Behind


Focus Mitts: Left/slip right cross/Left Hook/Right Cross

Kick Off from Guard

Reverse Headlock Standing

Bearhug Behind, Arms Free

Drill: start on ground with Attacker 1 in guard; make Kick Off from Guard; as you stand up, Attacker 1 puts you in Reverse Headlock standing; as you finish the defense, Attacker 2 attacks with Bearhug From Behind, Arms Free


Thai Pads: 2 rounds, 3 minutes, very fast pace!

Gun From Behind, Touching

Gun From Behind, Walking

Gun From Behind, Hugging Technique

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