Lesson Plans Monday, August 12, 2013

Palm Strike
Movement – pivot left
Movement – shuffle right
Drill: Left/Right Palm Strike – then move to the left or right; pad holder follows; repeat
Front Kick (groin)
Round Kick
Drill: pad holder moves around room giving targets for Front Kick Groin and Round Kick; do TWO rounds alternating
Combo: Left/Right PalmStrikes/Left Round Kick
Combo: Right/Left Palm Strikes/Right Round Kick
Multiple Attacker Drill: groups of 3; give palm strikes to one assailant; try to move so that the 2nd assailant cannot get to you; if he does, start punching his pad and keep away from the first assailant, etc.

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Left Hook/duck left hook/Left Hook/Right Cross
Bearhug from Behind – Arms Caught
Bearhug from Behind – Arms Free
Drill: eyes closed, bearhugs arms free or caught

Light Sparring – 3 rounds
Long Gun Behind at Distance
Bayonet Stab Live and Dead Side
Drill: Long Gun from various angles from behind; attacker gives verbal warning; defending must turn and recognize whether the attacker is threatening OR charging forward, and make the regular defense or a Bayonet Defense

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