Lesson Plans Monday, April 24th, 2017

Beginner (B1)
Hammerfist forward
Hammerfist downward
Elbows 4-7
Drill: striker stands in the middle of a group of 3-4 pad holders. Pad holders continuously bump and disrupt the person in the middle, keeping them off balance. When one of the pad holders shouts “here!” or “go!” the defender delivers one range-appropriate strike to the pad and returns to fight stance.
Choke from behind with a push

Intermediate (B1)
Knees and elbows
Thai pad combinations with knees and elbows: pad holder calls combo 1-10 with knee or elbow variable: add knee or elbow opposite to last punch of combo
Review inside and 360 defenses, then put the defender on a wall so they cannot move. Have the attackers wear boxing gloves or focus mitts so they can hit harder and faster.
360 with counterattacks
Choke front against wall

Advanced (B1)
Advancing straight punches
Drill: one partner holds focus mitt at punching distance and tries to move the pad away as soon as they see the puncher motion for a straight punch. Puncher tries to telegraph the punch as little as possible to hit the pad with straight punch. Increase the distance with each successful punch.
Gun from the front
Gun to the side of the head
Drill: defender starts on one end of the room with eyes closed in fight stance. Two pad holders with kick shields continuously bump the defender as they try to walk slowly across the room. An attacker comes up from the defender’s front or side and attacks with a gun, attacks, and after a successful defense one of the padholders shouts “here!” and the defender strikes the pad while holding the gun. The padholder calls “time,” the defender assesses their surroundings, drops the gun, and resumes walking across the room with eyes closed. Add strobes, loud music, or any other distractions as desired.

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