Lesson Plans Monday, April 17th, 2017

Beginner (B1)
Straight punch
Straight punch low
Inside defense
Inside defense vs straight punch low
Choke from the front (1-handed)
Drill: after the defender starts delivering combatives from the choke defense, the attacker may create space and attack a second time with either a straight punch (high or low) or 360 attack. The second attack can also come from a different attacker. “Roaming” attackers work well in this drill.

Intermediate (B1)
Focus mitt combinations
Defense v hook (extended)
Defense v hook (covering)
Ground – trap and roll
Drill: attacker starts in full mount with either boxing gloves or focus mitts. Attacker delivers hook punches to defender, who defends until instructor calls “go,” after which the defender escapes, stands, and runs to a pad holder or heavy bag and starts throwing punching combinations. The drill resets either when the pad holder or instructor calls time. The drill can be repeated with a knife, depending on the group’s skill level. Allow the knife attacker to start moving the knife before “go” is called.

Advanced (B1)
Striking practice: front kick (vertical target), defensive front kick. Practice first on striking shield, then again with kicker held in a full nelson.
Review low kick defenses – each student has shin pads; after a low front kick or round kick defense, immediately return with a low round kick on the same side.
Full nelson – finger strip
Full nelson – sweep
Drill: defender starts in full nelson, with secondary attackers advancing in from the front with striking shields. The defender must kick and otherwise defend against the mob of attackers until they have enough space to escape the hold.


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