Lesson Plans Monday, April 15, 2013


Straight Punch
Hammerfist Forward
DRILL: non-stop striking (hammerfists and punches); defender starts on his feet, then goes to his knees, then onto his back, then back to his knees, then standing; the pad holder follows and holds the pad appropriately so that the defender can continually strike.
Front Kick (groin)
Round Kick
DRILL: “horseshoe drill” – video available in the affiliate section
Choke from the Side
DRILL: groups of 3; defender makes straight punches, groin kicks, round kicks, etc. on command; third person attacks with Choke from the Side at any time; several rounds, make it tiring!

Side Kick
Back Kick
Front Kick Vertical Target (review from level 1)
DRILL: “monkey in the middle” with non-stop kicks
Ground – Trap and Roll
Ground – Elbow Escape
Drill: groups of 5; defender must escape from Full Mount using any ground techniques, then stand up; three pad holders present him with targets for Side Kick, Back Kick, Front Kick; after making multiple kicks, the defender must drop down and restart

DRILL: 3 Round Drill — first round: left/right combo, front kick, round kick, sprawl+knee; second round, two of everything; third round, three of everything
Gun to the Side of the Head – in front of ear
Gun to the Side of the Head – behind ear (just like Gun From Behind, but with emphasis on head movement)

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