Lesson Plans May 26, 2016

Beginner Class (B2)
Punches Straight
• Punches Straight changing levels
o Left punch high (head)/Right punch low (body)
o Left punch low/Right punch high
Combination: Left punch low/Right punch high/4 knees
Choke from Behind
Headlock from Behind
Drill: Groups of 3; non-stop strikes on pad, defend either Headlock from Behind OR Choke from Behind

Intermediate Class (B2)
Bobbing/Weaving/Slipping punches
Drill: Focus Mitts- Bob/weave/slip punches 2x and immediately follow up with counters.
Ground- Trap and roll
Ground- def. v. Choke full mount
Drill: Groups of 3; defender; on the ground on their back, eyes closed, attacker; mounts and starts safely striking defender OR mounts and Chokes defender, defender; makes the appropriate defense, quickly gets up and attacks pad with non-stop aggressive strikes until pad calls time, Reset!

Advanced Class (B2)
Thai Pads: 3 Rounds of 2 Minutes- opposite stance-Power shots (every punch, every kick has to have KO power)
Sweeps with Heel Kick
Quick Drill: Groups of 2; any level 1,2 or 3 technique; sweep with heel kick, if the sweep is available
Knife- defense v. downward stab
Advanced Gun- from the front, assailant pushing
Drill: Groups of 4-5; non-stop self defense techniques from Level 1,2, 3, Knife- downward stab and Advanced Gun- from the front- assailant pushing.

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