Lesson Plans March 8, 2012

BEGINNER CLASS – Straight punches left right combo. Straight punch low, practice to partners stomach for technique (use the pad for the drill so the puncher can use power). Drill: pad holder moves and holds for either straight punch or straight punch low. Inside defense. If time inside defense low. Drill: Partner has eyes closed, puncher says hey and makes either side right or left punch, then reset. For every inside defense done with the wrong hand, defender sprints does three pushups and comes back.

INTERMEDIATE CLASS – Thai pad work including sprawls, tuck jumps, and sprints. Outside defenses 1-5. Drill: in groups of three have 1 defender and 2 attackers to practice the outside defenses. Review bearhug from behind arms free. Bearhug from behind leverage on the finger. Drill: groups of 3 defender makes outside defenses with one attacker, second attacker puts bearhug from behind on defender any time.

ADVANCED CLASS – Tabata thai pads (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) round 1 alternating Left right punches, round 2 right roundkick, round 3 left roundkick, round 4 sprawl right cross. Repeat for a total of 8 rounds. Gun from behind at a distance. Sacrifice throw.

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