Lesson Plans Friday, September 5, 2014

Beginner (A3) 

Punches- Straight

Front Kick (Groin)

Drill: Partner calls out even numbers (mostly 2, 4, 6) and striker makes that many punches, leading with the forward hand. At least twice during the round, the partner calls out a number higher than 10.


Choke from the Front (2-Handed)

Drill: eyes closed, choke, 360 or push with pad and react with straight punches

Intermediate (C3)

Hook Punch

Combination: Jab/Cross/Hook/ Low Round Kick

Spinning Heel Kick

Combination: Jab/Cross/Hook/Spinning Heel Kick

Defense v. Low Round Kick (Absorb)

Defense v. Low Round Kick (Shin Block)

Drill: 1 for 1 Sparring Drill- 2 rounds of 3 minutes: Combo: Jab/Cross/Hook/Low Round Kick- One partner starts the combo off, making light contact, the other partner covers, blocks, slips or catches punches, Absorbs or shin blocks the Low Round Kick and IMMEDIATELY counters with the same combo.

Bearhug Front Arms Caught

Advanced (C3)

Thai Pads- 2-3 minute rounds-Start each round with 10 round kicks on each side. Include, elbows, knees, kicks (low & high) and Sprawls.

Face to Face Throw

Headlock from the side (review)

Headlock from the side, Spinning Inward

Side Control- Elbow escape

Drill: Headlock, Spinning Inward, attacker tries to escape from side control

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