Lesson Plans Friday, September 27, 2013

Beginner (A3)

Palm Heel Strike

Front Kick Vertical Target

Combination- Front Kick Vertical Target, R/L Palm Heel strikes followed by a Right Elbow Strike

Choke from Behind

Ground- Getting up

Ground- Front & Side Kick

Drill: Groups of 3; Defender starts from the ground on their back with their eyes closed, Pad Holder  gives a verbal signal and steps towards defender.  Defender; makes the appropriate kick , gets up and continues with counters on the pad, Attacker; makes a choke from behind.  Reset after a successful defense!


Intermediate (C3) 

Uppercut Punch

Hook Puch

Focus Mitt Combinations- Include hooks and uppercutts

Defensive Back Kick with a spin

Focus Mitt Combinations- R-Uppercut/L-Hook,/R-Cross/Defensive Back Kick with a spin

Focus Mitt Combinations- L-Uppercut/R-Cross/L-Hook /Defensive Back Kick with a spin

Bearhug Front (Lifting)

Bearhug Behind (Lifting)


Advanced (C3)

Interference Drill

Gun from the Front

Gun from the Front, Pushing into Stomach

Gun from the Side, in Front of the Arm

Drill: Monkey in the Middle

Groups of 4-5 ppl; defender is in the middle; everyone else is attacking, any of the above Gun threats and any Level 1-3 attacks.

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