Lesson Plans Friday, September 19, 2014

Beginner Class (A3)

Straight Punches

Drill- Belt Drill

Basic Takedown Defense


Choke from Behind

Drill: as the defender makes Choke from Behind, the attacker tries to grab; the defender makes a Basic Takedown Defense, and continues with Counterattacks. Be sure this is done safely and slowly, especially at the beginning of the dill!


Intermediate Class (C3)

Uppercut Punch – Various distances

Drill: Pad holder holds focus mitt for single punches at various angles from Uppercut to Hook, and several angles in between.

Defensive Back Kick with Spin

Drill Groups of 3; one person practices Hook or Uppercut to focus mitts; third person holds kicking shield and calls out for Kick; the striker must deliver Defensive Back Kick with a Spin, and then return to punching

Bearhug Front, Lifting

Bearhug Behind, Lifting


Advanced Class (C3)

Side Kick Review

Defense against Side Kicks (review medium and high side kick defenses)

Jumping Side Kick

Gun From Behind

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