Lesson Plans Friday, September 13, 2013

Beginner (A3)
Front Kick Vertical Target
Knees- Include Muay Thai Clinch
Knees- spinning on the centerline (explain using the attacker as a shield)
Combination: Front Kick Vertical Target, Clinch, Knee, Spin, Knee
Ground-Front Kick
Ground- Getting up
Drill: Groups of 3; Defender; starts on ground, Pad holder steps in and the defender kicks, gets up, Front Kick to a Vertical Target and Muay Thai clinch; third person now tries to flank the defender; defender, knee strikes and spins on the centerline to keep the pad holder in the middle.

Intermediate (C3)
Uppercut Punch
Hook Punch
Focus Mitts:
Round 1- Right Cross/Left Hook/Right Cross
Round 2- Left Uppercut/Right Cross/Left Hook
Round 3- Put both combinations together
Outside Defense 1-5
Hair Grab from Behind
Bearhug Behind (lifting)
Ground- Escape from guard (gouge and stack)
Drill: Groups of 3, one attacker, one defender and one pad holder; defender; starts in attackers guard, escapes from the guard and delivers non stop strikes on the pad; Ā attacker; gets up and makes Bearhug from Behind (Lifting) or Hair Grab from behind. Reset after a successful defense.

Advanced (C3)
Jumping Front Kick
Jumping Round Kick
Combination- Jumping Front Kick quickly followed by a Jumping Round Kick opposite leg- Just for FUN!
Simple Leg Takedown
Double Leg Takedown
Gun From Behind (touching)
Gun From Behind- off the body

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