Lesson Plans Friday, October 26, 2018


Combination: Left/Right/Left Knee

Combination: Left/Right/Left/Right Knee

Elbows 4-7

Drill: eyes closed; pad holder strikes the defender from various angles behind and the sides; defender gives the appropriate elbow, then turns to give additional strikes.

Choke from the Side – work both sides



Back Kick

Drill: Back Kick from either side, then turn and make additional counters

Choke from Behind (review)

Choke from Behind Against Wall

Drill: stand facing wall; from behind, attacker pushes with pad then holds for Back Kick OR makes Choke from Behind Against Wall




Light Sparring – open hands

One Arm Shoulder Throw

Drill: one attack, one defend; defender makes One Arm Shoulder Throw

Gun from Behind, Touching

Gun from Behind, Hugging Technique

Drill: as above, but a second attacker makes gun threat from behind to the defender at any time

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