Lesson Plans Friday, November 1, 2013

Beginner (B2)

Palm heel strikes


Drill: Flurries of Palm Heel Strikes or Knees on Instructors command


Advanced Technique: Knife- Downward Stab

Drill: Defender eyes closed; attacker gives a verbal signal, makes either 360,  downward stab or bumps defender with a pad and holds for strikes.


Intermediate (D2)


Focus Mitts- Jab/Jab/slip to the right/ cross/Hook/ Cross

Inside Defense v. Left Punch

Inside Defense v. Right Punch 2 Counters

Ground- Trap and Roll

Drill: Groups of 3; defender starts from the ground with attacker mounting them, defender must trap and roll and get up, then defend against straight punches from the second attacker. (attacker on top must make it difficult but not impossible for the defender)


Advanced (D2)

Axe Kick

Combo- Axe Kick, power right Cross

Sweep with Heel Kick

Knife- Kick from distance

Knife- Downward Stab

Knife- Upward stab

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