Lesson Plans Friday, March 6, 2020


Straight Punches (review)

Knees (without grabbing)

360 Defense

Choke From Behind

Drill: defender strikes a pad with punches and knees; at any time, another attacker can give a verbal signal and make. 360 from the side OR make Choke From Behind.



Striking Review: straight punches, front kick to groin, round kicks

Outside Defenses 1-5

Drill: group of 3; defender punches a pad; third person makes straight punch from the side at any time; defender must defend, make counterattacks, then continue to strike the pad

Bearhug From Behind, Arms Free

Drill: as above, but include Bearhug From Behind also



Front Kick Vertical Target

Two Front Kicks with a Switch

Gun From The Front – attacker holding shirt with left hand (regular technique)

Gun From The Front – Machine Gun Takedown (attacker reaching across defender’s body with left hand)

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