Lesson Plans Friday, March 6, 2015

Beginner (A3)
Punches- Straight
Front Kick (Groin)
Drill: Find your partner drill (using straight punches/ Groin Kicks)
Choke rom the Front (2-Handed)
Drill: eyes closed, choke, 360 or push with pad and react with straight punches
Intermediate (A3)
Hook Punch
Uppercut Punch
Focus Mitts-
Combo: Left hook to the body/Right Cross/Left Hook/Right Uppercut
Combo: Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Cross/Right Forward Elbow
Bearhug from the front arms Caught
Bearhug from the forntt arms free (space)
Bearhug from front arms free (neck leverage)
Drill: defender has eyes closed bear hug from front is made, after the initial defense, the attacker attacks with a pad that the defender has to strike until pad holder calls “time”.
Advanced (A3)
Back Kick
Spinning Back Kick
2 Back Kicks with a Switch
Stick- Baseball bat swing (left and right)
Drill: 2 attackers, 1 defender, constant baseball bat attacks from left or right side. No disarm during the first round, just defense and counterattack (attacks should be non-stop and fast!); during the second round, the defender should try to disarm.

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