Lesson Plans Friday, March 29, 2013

Beginner (A3)

Front Kick (Groin)

Knee Strikes (regular and round)

Drill: 2ppl/1 Kicking shield

· Striker- Start with non-stop string and aggressive Front kicks (Groin)

· Instructor- yell “Go”

· Striker- Sprint to the opposite end of the room, 10 squats and sprint back, get back on the pad with strong and aggressive knees

· Repeat

360 Defense

Choke from Front (2 handed)

Drill: Groups of 4 or 5/1 Kicking shield

· 1 defender, 2-3 attackers, 1 pad holder

· Defender- start with non- stop strikes on the pad

· Attackers- non- stop attacks (Front choke, side choke and choke from behind)

· Pad Holder- bump the defender at any given time during this drill

· Defender- Make the appropriate defenseStrong and aggressive defense

Intermediate (A3)

Focus Mitts- Basic combos (Opposite Stance)

Defensive Front Kick

Defensive front kick followed by L/R punch and a Right Elbow strike

360° Defense with combatives

Outside Defense 1-5

Knife Up ward Stab

Drill: 2ppl

· Defender- Eyes closed

· Attacker- Attack with any level 1 technique and Up ward stab.

o After every successful defense, take a step back and attack with a Right Cross

· Defender- Make the correct defense (Strong and Aggressive), stay engaged and defend against the Right Cross.

· Reset

Arm Bar From the guard

Advanced (A3)

Thai Pads- South Paw

· Jab, Cross, Hook, Back Leg Round Kick

· Cross, Hook, Cross, Switch Kick, Sprawl come up knee

· Put it together

· 1 Round- Power shots-

o Pad Holders- call out One technique at a time,

o Strikers-Double on the technique- Make it STRONG!

Machine Gun Take down

General Def v. Medium to High Round Kick

Stick- Over Head defense

Stick- Left Handed Attacker

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