Lesson Plans Friday, March 14, 2014

Beginner (A3) 

Palm Heel Strike

Front Kick Groin

Knee (emphasize forward knee with a switch)

Combination- Right Front Kick (Groin)/Left/Right Palm Heel Strikes/Left Knee

Ground-Back Position

Ground-Front Kick

Ground-Get up

Drill: starting on the ground, move to face partner with pad; when he approaches, kick and get up, then deliver the combination mentioned above

Intermediate (A3) 

Uppercut Punch

Hook Punch

Thai Pads- 3 Rounds of 2 Minutes; double on all round kicks and knees, include Hooks and Uppercuts

Bearhug from behind Arms Free

Hair Grab from Behind

Drill: Non stop punches on the pad, attacker; Makes  Hair Grab from Behind or an aggressive Bearhug from Behind

Advanced (A3)

Belt Drill: 30 Seconds- 45 Seconds- 60 Seconds (20 Seconds rest between each round)

Spinning Heel Kick

Stopping Def. v. Spinning Heel Kick

Stick- overhead defense

Stick- Left hand attacker

Drill: defender; eyes closed, attacker; makes either Stick-overhead, Stick- Left Handed or gives a verbal signal and makes a spinning heel Kick.

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