Lesson Plans Friday, June 15, 2012

Straight Punches
Drill: after left/right combination, the pad holder pivots to a new angle; the puncher must move to this new angle and make left/right combination; it’s a drill to practice movement
Front Kick Review
Round Kick
Ground – Back Position & Movement
Ground – Front Kick
Ground – Round Kick; emphasize recovering to Back Position after the kick
Get Up from Ground
Drill: movement while up or down — start on ground; pad holder circles while defender moves to keep his feet toward the pad; the pad holder steps in and the defender kicks and gets up; now practice punching and moving while standing (like the first drill); repeat

Focus Mitt Combo: Left Hook/Right Straight
Focus Mitt Combo: Left Straight/Right Uppercut
Bearhug Neck Leverage
Ground – on the bottom in guard, apply neck leverage here. EXPLAIN that this is a drill; against a more experienced grappler you will need to understand hip movement as well as neck leverage.

Axe Kick
Spinning Outside Slap Kick
Defense v. Spinning Outside Slap Kick (just like Round Kick Defense)
Gun Side, Front of Arm
Gun Front, Pushing into Stomach

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