Lesson Plans Friday, July 27, 2018


Left/Right Combination

Basic Takedown Defense

Drill: Left/Right Combination; pad holder then pushes forward and defender must hold them off with Basic Takedown Defense

Choke from the Front (2)

Drill: attacker makes Choke from the Front; defender makes the defense; attacker drives forward aggressively, and the defender must make Basic Takedown Defense to control distance. Give knees when possible.



Focus Mitts: Combinations 6&7

Focus Mitts: Combinations 8 (right upper/left hook/right straight) & 9 (left upper/right straight/left hook)

Self Defense/Framing Position (same as position for knees) and Muay Thai Clinch practice

Drill: make combinations 6 or 7 to focus mitts; pad holder then moves forward aggressively; striker works the clinch, then makes combination 8 0r 9

Light Sparring, hands only



Sparring: 10 rounds, 1 minute per round, :15 second rest. Do 2 rounds with each partner. At the beginning of each round, one person closes his eyes; partner initiates with an aggressive shove followed by a haymaker; the other person defends, and then the fight is on!

Gun from the Front – under chin, holding hair, shirt, etc.

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