Lesson Plans Friday, July 25, 2014

Beginner (A1)
Palm Heel Strike from mount
Front Kick- Groin
Drill: Groups of 2; striker; non stop palm heel strikes from mount position, on pad holders signal “UP!”, striker; gets up and makes non stop Front Kicks groin, on pad holders signal “DOWN!”, striker, once again mounts the pad and continues with palm heel strikes from mount.
Choke from the Side
Choke from Behind
Drill: Groups of 3; striker starts from mount, non stop palm heel strikes for 30 seconds, then stands up and continues with counters on the 2nd pad, attacker; attacks with either Choke from the Side or Choke from Behind. Reset!

Intermediate (C1)
Focus mitt Combination 1- Left uppercut/Left hook/Right cross
Focus mitt Combination 2- Right uppercut/Left hook/Right Cross
Focus mitt Combination 3- Left uppercut/Left hook/Right cross/Right uppercut/Left hook/Right Cross
Ground- Headlock Side Forward
Ground- Headlock Side Backward
Drill: Striker; non stop strikes from mount, attacker; SAFELY tackles striker off the pad and makes either Headlock from ground Forward or Backward, defender; makes the appropriate defense, gets back on the pad and continues with strikes.

Advanced (C1)
Thai Pads/Ground and pound- 2-2 minute rounds- Opposite Stance
– combinations, kicks, knees, elbows and sprawls, on instructors signal “DOWN!”, striker; mounts the pad and delivers non stop strikes, on instructors signal “UP!”, striker; gets up and continues with working the pads.
Knife- defense v. straight stab
Knife- defense v. forward slash
Gun form the Front
Advanced Gun- from the front, assailant using off hand
Drill: Eyes closed; defend against Knife or Gun

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