Lesson Plans Friday, July 20, 2018


Left/Right Combination

Front Kick Vertical Target

Basic Takedown Defense (self defense position for knees)

Drill: Left/Right/pad holder moves back a little/Front Kick Vertical Target OR Left/Right/pad holder closes distance/Basic Takedown Defense

Choke from the Front (2 hands)

Drill: attacker makes Choke from the Front; the defender defends; if the attacker then backs away, the defender should make Front Kick Vertical Target; if the attacker presses forward, the defender should control and continue with counters.



Focus Mitts: Single left and right straight punches and hooks

Uppercut – focus on this technique

Combo # 8 & 9

Footwork: work on pivoting left and right

Drill: left/right combo/pad holder pressed forward and a little low/striker feels the pressure, then pivots left and makes Combo#8

Drill: as above, but striker pivots right and makes Combo #9

Bearhug from the Front, Neck Leverage



Duck Kickboxing Drills (catching with gloves, shinguards on); the partner should catch the punches but defend the round kicks. Go back and forth; 2 minutes for each combination:

Left/Right/Left Body Kick

Right/Left Hook/Right Body Kick

Left Body Kick/Right/Left Hook/Right

Right Body Kick/Left Hook/Right/Left Hook

Full Nelson Throw

Full Nelson Sweep

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