Lesson Plans Friday, July 13, 2018


(Do all the following right after warm up, almost like the end to the warm up)

Ground – Back Position

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Get Up

Palm Heel Strike (keep this lesson short)

Hammerfist to the Side

Choke from Behind

Drill: groups of 3; one person makes Palm Heel Strikes to pad; attacker makes Choke from Behind; sometimes, during the Choke, the attacker says “Down!” The defender lies down into Ground Back Position, kicks, and gets up to continue striking the pad.



Thai Pads: Combos 6 & 7 with kicks; emphasize movement after the combinations

Defense v. Low Round Kick (shin block)

Defense v. Low Round Kick (absorb)

Attack/Defend Drill: one attack, one defend; use mostly hand combinations, sometimes make low round kick

Light sparring: both attack, both defend



Thai Pads: 3 rounds of 3 minutes — first two rounds are free work; third round is conditioning: for the 1st minute, do left/right combination; for the second minute, do right round kicks; for the third minute, do left round kicks.

Gun from Behind at a Distance

Machine Gun Takedown (use gun from behind situation)

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