Lesson Plans Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday 7/12/13
Beginner (A1)
Palm Heel strikes
Drill: 2 ppl-A & B/ Large shield
“A’s” mount the pad and “B’s” stand at the opposite side of the room. “A’s” non stop aggressive Palm heel and downward Hammerfist strike (Ground and Pound), “B’s” are doing Air Squats. On instructors signals A’s & B’s switch positions as quickly as possible!
Wrist Releases
Choke from Behind
Choke from side
Drill: Groups of 3
Striker; non stop strikes. Attacker; Makes a choke from behind Or Choke from Side
Ground- Front Kick

Intermediate (C1)
A/B Drill
Defense v. High Round Kick (2 points of Contact)
Defense v. Low Round Kick (Shin Block)
Drill: Focus Mitts
Pad Holder- Calls out Combinations and Randomly makes either a Low or High Round Kick.
Headlock from Side
Bearhug Front Arms Free (Neck Leverage)
Drill: Monkey in the Middle- Groups of 4-5 adjust according to class size
Defender is in the middle. Non stop attacks, any level one self defense, including Headlock from side and Bearhug Front Arms Free (Neck Leverage)

Advanced (C1)
Back Roll To Push Up Drill
Hip Throw
Combo- 5x each
Round 1- Hip Throw, get to side control and mount
Round 2 – Hip Throw, get to side control and mount, person on the bottom pushes on partners chest, person on top goes for the Arm Bar
Gun from Front
Advanced Gun – from Front, assailant pushing
Advanced Gun – from Behind, attacker close (hug defense)
Drill: Defender; eyes closed. Attacker; Gun from Front, Gun from Front, assailant pushing, Gun from Behind, attacker close (hug defense)

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