Lesson Plans Friday, January 6, 2017


Basic Takedown Defense

Straight Punches – Use focus mitts

Elbow #1

Combo: Left/Right/Right Elbow

Drill: Left/Right/pad holder moves forward/defender makes Basic Takedown Defense/Elbow #1 to focus mitt

Choke Front

Choke Behind

Drill: eyes closed, either choke


Focus Mitt/Disturbing Drill — left/right combo on command, partner striking with mitts to disturb; defender must cover

Uppercut Punch

Combination: Right uppercut/Left Uppercut/Right uppercut/Left Hook/Right Cross.

Bearhug Front, Arms Caught

Drill: Focus Mitts: combinations on focus mitts, bearhug front, arms caught- incorporate uppercuts in your counter attacks.


Warm up punches and kicks

Super Tabata drill: 2 rounds of 50 seconds-non-stop punches, 10 seconds rest; 2 rounds of 50 seconds- kicks, 10 seconds rest; 2 rounds of 50 seconds-Knees, 10 seconds rest
Gun Behind

Gun Behind Walking

Gun Behind Distance

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