Lesson Plans Friday, January 31, 2020


Shadowboxing – emphasize footwork, 4 rounds of :30 seconds

Left/Right Combo

Groin Kick

Combo: Left/Right/Groin Kick, then move out of range

Basic Clinch Defense (position for knees)

Combo: Left/Right/Groin Kick/Basic Clinch Defense/Knee

Ground – Back Position

Ground – Kick

Ground – Get Up

Drill — as above, but attacker sometimes says “Down” during clinch; defender sits down into Back Position, kicks, then gets up



Hook Punch

Defense v. Front Kick (redirect)

Defense v. Front Kick (stopping)

Focus Mitts (both people wear shin guards): 3 rounds of 2 minutes; do combinations 1-4, but pad holder can also make a groin kick at any time

Review Choke 1 Hand from Level 1

Ground – Choke from the Side on the Ground



Gun Review! All Basic Gun Defenses reviewed slowly (Gun Front, Gun Side Behind Arm, Gun Side Front of Arm, Gun Behind Touching, Gun Side of Head)

Drill: one attacker, one defender; defenders eyes closed; defender opens eyes and makes defense at 75% speed

Drill: two attackers, one defender; non stop threats!

Drill: three attackers, one defender; as above, but include a pad holder who makes the defender punch at intervals

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