Lesson Plans Friday, January 25, 2013

Teach Sprawl at the end of Warm Up
Straight Punches
Hammerfist Forward
Drill: straight punches & hammerfist forward, instructor yells “sprawl” many times during the round; 2 rounds each person, alternating.
Elbow #2
Elbow #3
Knees (emphasize both knees)
Drill – Turning Drill: eyes closed, pad holder touches defender from behind or either side; defender delivers elbow #2 or #3, then continues turning to give knees. The defender should develop the ability to strike and turn in either direction comfortably.
Choke From Behind

Focus Mitts – basic combinations
Forward Roll
Drill: Defender makes non-stop punches; pad holder should remain stationary; instructor yells “roll!” and the Defender rolls once to the left, then turns back and rolls the other way, then gets up and continues punching. For more advanced students, yell “2 rolls!” “4 rolls!” etc.
Groundwork – Headlock Forward
Groundwork – Headlock Backward

Focus Mitts
Drills: Sprawls and Rolls: non-stop punching; instructor calls out “sprawl” or “roll”; the defender makes the appropriate action
Gun Review — Gun Front; Side In Front of Arm; Side of Head

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