Lesson Plans Friday, January 23, 2015

Beginner (A1)

Punches- Straight

Drill- Punches/Sprint/Push ups

Elbow 1-3

Choke from the side

Drill: Groups of 3; non stop punches, defend choke from the side



Straight Punches and Elbows (review)

Front Kick Vertical Target (review)

Drill: A/B Drill — groups of 3; one pad holder at each end of the room (at least one should hold a kicking shield), the third person in the middle. When the instructor yells “A” the striker runs to one pad for Punches and Elbows; when the instructor yells “B” the striker runs to the other pad for Front Kick Vertical Target. Make them go back and forth until exhausted!

Ground: Headlock Side Forward

Ground: Headlock Side Backward



3 Round Drill: Opposite Stance

Thai Pads – 3 rounds, opposite stance

Gun Behind, Touching — go over the right shoulder (gunman sometimes right hand, sometimes left)

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