Lesson Plans Friday January, 20, 2017

Begginer (A1)
Fighting Stance
Palm Heel Strike
Front Kick to a Vertical Target
Combo- Front Kick to a Vertical Target/Left/Right Palm Heel Strike
Choke form the side
Drill: Eyes closed, defender either gets choked and has to defend or gets popped with a pad and makes palm heel strikes until pad holder calls time.

Intermediate (A1)
Hook Punch
Combo- L-Uppercutt/L-Hook/R-Cross/under/R-Cross/L-Hook/R-Cross
Headlock from the side
Drill: Work focus mitts (use today’s combo), attacker; Headlock from the side, after a success defense get back to working the mitts

Intermediate (A1)
Focus Mitts/Thai Pads form opposite stance- 2-3 minute rounds, add sprawl knee tucks to the last 2 rounds.
Cavaliers 1-4
Gun from the Front
Gun from the side of the head
Gun from behind (touching)
Drill: Groups of 3-4, non-stop Gun threats; 2 rounds- first round 50% speed and power, second round- Fast, Strong and aggressive!!

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