Lesson Plans Friday, January 17, 2014

Beginner (A1)
Punches- Straight
Drill- Punches/Sprint/Push ups
Elbow 1-3
Choke from the side
Drill: Groups of 3; non stop punches, defend choke from the side

Intermediate (A1)
Basic Punching and Kicking to large shield
Drill: “in” and “out” on instructors command, practicing distance continuum (kicks, punches, then elbows and knee, etc)
Front Kick with Advance (fighting and neutral)
Defense v. Low Round Kick (absorb)
Defense v. Front Kick (stoping)
Bearhug Front Arms free (space)
Bearhug Front Arms free (neck leverage)

Advanced (A1)
Focus Mitts- 3 Rounds of 2 minutes- Non stop combinations – 30 Sec rest. (opposite stance)
Mouth of Hand Punch
Combo- R- Uppercut, L-Hook, Mouth of Hand Punch
Gun from Behind (touching)
Gun from the side, Behind the Arm

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