Lesson Plans Friday, February 28, 2020

Beginner (A2)
Movement-Fighting stance (forward, left, right, and back)
Straight punch w/ advance & retreat
Inside defenses
Drill: Group of 3 with 1 tombstone pad. Pad holder moves 1 step in fighting stance in any direction & calls a straight punch combo. Striker moves back into range and delivers combo. When 3rd person randomly yells “Threat!” pad holder backs away, & striker turns to face 3rd person. 3rd person throws an advancing straight punch at striker which should be defended w/ an inside defense. After defending, striker & pad holder resume movement & combos

Intermediate (A2)
Review round kicks
Defense vs. high round kicks (reflexive, 2 points of contact, 3 points of contact, & covering)
Bearhug behind arms free
Drill: defender starts with eyes closed, attacker bearhugs defender from behind (arms free). Defender goes through defense & disengages after combatives. Attacker throws 1 high round kick immediately after being disengaged for defender to defend. Then reset.

Advanced (A2)
Scissor Front Kick
Scissor Round Kick
Knife- defense vs. backslash
Drill: Attacker “hides” knife in their waist band. Attacker holds kick shield for either scissor front or scissor round kick. After defender delivers kick, attacker staggers back, drops pad and draws knife to attack with a backslash. After defender completes defense, reset.

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